Quality Policy

Heinrich Hirdes GmbH, Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH and Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH, 100% subsidiary of the global Dutch company Boskalis. The company’s core business areas are the construction and maintenance of harbours and waterways, land recla-mation, riverbank and coastal protection as well as explosive ordnance detection, removal and disposal on land, in waters and offshore. The explosive ordnance detection, removal and dis-posal business field is divided into onshore and offshore activities. The onshore activities are the responsibility of Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH and the offshore activities the responsibility of  Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH.

Since its foundation in 1912, Heinrich Hirdes has become a leading water construction company in Germany. The company entered the explosive ordnance detection, removal and disposal market in 1978. 

The core element of our quality assurance system is being able to comply with customer re-quirements in terms of quality, cost-efficiency and time management. It is of prime importance in this regard to offer the customer the best possible service whilst maintaining the highest quality standards, irrespective of the scale or characteristic of the respective construction pro-ject.

Thanks to our experienced project managers, engineers, hydrographic surveyors, operators and employees, plus the state-of the-art equipment and engineering know-how available to us from Boskalis, we are able to offer solutions for very small to large-scale complex hydraulic en-gineering projects, all from a single source.

Our locations are in Hamburg, Bremen, Rostock and Teltow, thereby ensuring close proximity to customers and their projects.

Heinrich Hirdes places the highest demands on SHE-Q standards and has established a strong safety culture throughout the company which is supported by the company’s own NINA safety program. 

The company has been certified to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as SOLAS/ISM. The classification company Bureau Veritas monitors the maintenance of the certificates.

The company management ensures that all employees both observe and implement SHEQ system guidelines. The SHEQ system is monitored and continually improved by means of regu-lar management reviews, audits and further control mechanisms.

General Manager Dipl.-Ing. Jan Paulsen