Safety training

Ensuring safety for our staff is our number one priority. We regularly organise emergency training to make sure that our staff act in a professional manner in dangerous situations and to continuously improve their overall safety. In addition, we have our staff regularly take part in training sessions on safety matters.

Emergency Drill

Heinrich Hirdes EOD Projekt Seekabeltrasse Riffgat 2013

On 09.07.2013 we carried out a real-time simulated emergency drill on the EOD project sea cable route. The drill area was between the islands Borkum and Memmert (53° 36’N; 006° 49’E). 60 persons from the following organisations took part in this drill:

  • Centre Command for Maritime Emergencies,
  • Boskalis Hirdes,
  • VVT Bremen (Verletztenversorgungsteam - Casualty Care Team),
  • VVT Cuxhaven,
  • Customs ship "Borkum",
  • Rescue cruiser "Bernhard Gruben" DGzRS,
  • Helicopter from the German navy,
  • RUD team of the German navy (Realistische Unfalldarstellung - Realistic Accident Representation) and
  • Multicat "Coastal Discovery" from Acta Marine.


Drill scenario

The accident scenario: It is assumed that when clearing ordinance, an explosion occurred on board the multicat "Coastal Discovery" belonging to the company Boskalis Hirdes when a 350 kg 28 cm grenade, which was being lifted from the sea bed with electro-magnets, fell onto the ship's deck after the magnetic field on the electro-magnet failed / black out of the power supply to the electro magnet.

Any incipient fires were fought and brought under control by the crew. There were 25 persons on board, of this number there were ten casualties with injuries of various degrees. The manoeuvrability of the multicat was restricted.

Objective of the drill

The focus of the emergency drill was to train the interfaces between the forces of the Centre Command for Maritime Emergencies, the crews of the participating vessels (DGzRS, customs) and the damaged 'actors' (multicat "Coastal Discovery" / Boskalis Hirdes) jointly in one exercise.   Also, the insights gained by the participants of the safety training courses were called upon and implemented in practice to consolidate their expertise in providing support. A further focus was to check the communication chain in the event of an emergency.  


Breakwater project, Barth 2012

Firefighting and rescuing someone from the HH-210 barge in the Barth lagoon.

Groyne construction project, Cuxhaven / Otterndorf

Emergency aid to injured person on the Boskalis crane barge Strekker.

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training