From hydraulic construction to ordnance clearance – our range of services

Our projects primarily focus on construction projects in the areas of renewable energies, coastal protection and harbour infrastructure. Frequently, we combine services for this from the various areas of our spectrum:

Hydraulic construction

Climate change and globalisation are setting enormous challenges for our company, but simultaneously offer new economic opportunities. We are ready for diverse construction projects with our varied construction services in the areas of dredging, coastal protection, bank revetment measures and environmental technology – whether restructuring harbour areas, building sluices, sand filling or even dyke construction. We develop protective processes and carry out measures to prevent or reduce emissions and waste for the best possible protection of the environment.

EOD Services

Legacy explosive ordnance in the North Sea and Baltic Sea still represents a potential source of danger - especially when the seabed moves as a result of construction measures. Therefore, we have specialised in locating and salvaging conventional and chemical ordnance in the offshore area and in shallows with a separate business division. Our experts are specialised in high-resolution search technologies, the salvaging of ordnance and destruction in situ. In addition, through the group of companies an enormous amount of know-how and modern technology is available to us for searching the seabed.

Ordnance clearance

Munitions of all kinds, some of which are still highly explosive today, are still found not only on the seabed, but also in rivers, lakes and in the ground. Our specialists with a military background have been contributing to the safe salvaging of legacy explosive ordnance since 1978. As a pioneer in this area, we use highly modern technologies and develop these further with universities and partners. From locating and salvaging, to destruction, always with maximum precision and consistency.

Sand and gravel extraction

Sand and gravel are regularly generated as a “waste product” of our construction measures - perfectly suited for all kinds of construction measures. We have the authorised fields for excavation in the Baltic Sea and can easily provide you with the materials for your construction projects.