Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services

Several decades after the end of the two world wars, explosive remnants of war still represents a significant potential danger in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Independent experts have calculated that there are approx. 1.6 million tons of these explosive remnants of war still buried below, or on the seabed. This is a particular danger in the development / installation of offshore wind parks and subsea cables that connect these wind parks to the mainland.

As a hydraulic engineering company, we foresaw the dangers posed by explosive ordnance back in 1978 and founded Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH. Due to the growing demands for survey and recovering explosive ordnance from the seabed, we have outsourced our offshore activities and established Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH in 2012.

ROV pilot control room

Our offshore specialists work with the latest technology to locate, classify and recover ordnance in the offshore area and in coastal and shallow water zones. Our status as part of an affiliated group affords us the best possible expertise for carrying out investigations on the seabed.



We offer the following services, amongst others:

  • computer-aided survey of offshore areas
  • recovery of conventional and chemical explosive ordnance offshore
  • disposal and destruction of sea mines and unsafe to transport ordnance

We also offer underwater inspections that are necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms and cable routes.

Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH is your competent partner for investigating,  recovering explosive ordnance and maintenance of wind farms in the open sea and in coastal areas.