Near and offshore ordnance clearance

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services

Creating safer conditions for the construction and operation of offshore projects is principally a concern for us at Boskalis Hirdes. With the knowledge that there is still a potential risk from the legacy explosive ordnance of the two world wars, especially in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, 10 years ago we founded a separate business division to locate and salvage ordnance on the seabed. Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH. In addition to the specialist equipment such as the Submarine Transient Electron-Magnetic sensor (SubTEM) for example, for detecting munitions, special teams with a background in offshore work or the military come together to guarantee safe clearance of old ordnance, and thus to guarantee the uninterrupted execution of offshore construction projects.

Through these experts and the close cooperation with authorities and historians, we offer extensive expertise and a complete service from a single source, irrespective of whether you are creating risk maps, clearing ordnance, having offshore maintenance carried out or are applying for certification of freedom from ordnance.

Among other things, this is what our team of international, experienced ship engineers and experts in ordnance clearance does:

  • Safety is our top priority
  • With more than 10 years of offshore experience, we are pioneers in our field
  • Own research and machinery development for safer working processes
  • Various offshore supply vessels in different technical configurations are available within the Group
  • An extensive fleet of the latest technical equipment

The accreditation for the application of modern analysis techniques proves the quality and competence of our work.



The combination of maritime knowledge and expertise from the areas of ordnance clearance and vessel salvaging allows us to adjust our services at any time to the specific project requirements. As an innovator in our branch, we develop new technologies for the safe analysis and salvage, but also for the quality standards, which also offer our customers excellent cost efficiency and safety. Additionally, we participate in committees and research groups in order to develop future-proof solutions for the navy, engineering and ordnance clearance.


Creating risk maps based on historical data such as maps, war journals, BSH documents and other documentation.

Research & locating

Advanced investigation of the seabed with innovative qualitative methods, as well as internal data analysis by our team of experts.


If ordnance is found in a construction area, we perform the salvage. If it is not safe to transport the munitions, we arrange for the immediate safe disposal in situ.


If salvage seems risky, our certified explosives engineers perform a controlled detonation in accordance with the applicable provisions.


All salvaged ordnance is carefully and conscientiously removed by us and disposed of safely in certified incineration plants.

Certification of freedom from ordnance

After we have inspected and cleared your construction site, we issue a certificate of freedom from ordnance for the area.