Salvaging ordnance on the seabed

Unexploded ordnance on the seabed represents a high risk for those who work on and under the water. Our aim is to minimise these risks for your employees and for the environment, for safety is the top priority for us. We work according to the principle: Machines can be replaced, they are not lives.

Wherever possible, we salvage ordnance on a machine basis using ROVs. Our experienced EOD divers are only deployed if this is unavoidable. The processes and technologies used are constantly being developed by our experts in order to improve the working efficiency and to be able to offer the maximum amount of safety. Extensive safety training courses, which are specifically designed for offshore activities and the group’s own safety programme NINA (No Injuries, No Accidents) underline our commitment to safety.

With our highly qualified employees and latest equipment, we are able to ensure and also certify that the seabed is free from ordnance before construction work starts.

Certificates and licences

  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management
  • ISO 14001:2004 environmental management
  • ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system
  • Licensed to clear ordnance in accordance with the Explosives Act 7 and 20 in accordance with the German Explosives Act

If salvaging the ordnance is too unsafe or dangerous because of its condition, our experts can destroy it in situ – with the same safety awareness for the protection of lives.