Explosive Ordnance Disposal

In Europe, our rivers, lakes, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the land are still home to all kinds of explosives from the two world wars. In Germany alone, several thousand tons of munitions are recovered every year. Even today, some six decades later, these relics from the past remain highly explosive.

Since 1978, our specialists with a military background have helped to recover old explosives safely. We use the very latest technology in order to locate and recover these explosives. We collaborate with universities and our partners to continuously develop this technology further.

We perform the following activities, amongst others:

  • computer-aided sounding on land and in water
  • recovery of conventional and chemical explosives
  • borehole sounding to detect anomalies
  • detection using borehole radar method
  • uncovering and recovery of explosives
  • disposal and destruction of landmines
Detection work using borehole sounding
Cleared and secured aircraft bomb in a shaft