Hydraulic construction

Everything began for us with hydraulic construction, this is where our roots lie. The passion in this area has remained undiminished since 1912 and we are constantly developing innovative solutions in order to fulfil all our customers’ requirements - but simultaneously also in order to fulfil our own claim of working as environmentally friendly and sustainably as possible.

Our customers’ projects are primarily located in the onshore, near and offshore area. I.e. in areas facing constantly changing conditions. Our specialised machinery park is designed exactly for these difficult conditions and our highly qualified personnel are extremely experienced in the planning and realisation of corresponding projects. If required, we combine the services of our business divisions so that, for example, soil probing or even the safe removal of ordnance before the start of a hydraulic construction project can take place from a single source through cooperation with the other core divisions of the company. In addition, we are able to access all the resources of the Boskalis Group at any time. With this interaction of resources, we guarantee the highest quality of construction measures for our clients and simultaneously – thanks to the latest technology and the processes designed on this – the consequences of the interference can be kept as small as possible for ecosystems, in part they can even be improved. Our claim to environmental protection and sustainability – Your security for the social acceptance of the project.

We offer our construction work and services as a general contractor or as a provider in joint ventures (JV) for the client.

New construction and maintenance of harbour facilities

The globalisation of the economy, connected with the increase in transport of all kinds of goods, comes with enormous economic opportunities, but also presents us with great challenges at the same time. The logistics for goods streams, the court of the globally interconnected economy, are affected by this to a particular extent.

High-performance harbours with good infrastructure and sufficient storage areas are needed for the frictionless distribution of goods.

We are your reliable and competent partner for the construction of special harbour infrastructure. Whether this involves building new quay facilities, redesigning harbour areas or producing water-side access routes is irrelevant. Our focus is on dredging, the manufacture of blankets, revetments and breakwaters. In cooperation with hydraulic engineering companies, we are able to offer full services.