Embankment and bank revetment

Bank revetment measures are an important component in the expansion and maintenance of waterways and in coastal protection. The measures serve to secure and protect river banks, coastal sections, dykes and facilities on and in bodies of water.

In our intensively used cultural landscape, there are hardly any untouched water landscapes. Where in the past nature was shaped so that it was subordinate to usage by people, fortunately we now know that an ecological balance is more important and are often taking the path towards renaturation. For hydraulic construction this means finding the best compromise between economic use and creating natural habitats. For example, we no longer judge our effect in the area of bank revetment measures solely from technical perspectives, but rather also from ecological perspectives.


The complex work demands a high level of hydraulic engineering expertise and is a logistical challenge. Our decades-long experience and the knowledge of the latest research and study results are critical on one hand for the qualitative and environmentally friendly implementation of the work and on the other hand for assessing the sustainability and advising on bank revetment concepts. Our experts and the modern machine pool offer our customers everything from a single source.