Coastal protection

Protecting our coasts is a permanent existential task. This is not about facilitating the use of the coasts, but instead about securing low-lying coastal areas used by people from flooding and about protecting the coast itself from erosion. People have been building dykes to protect the land for centuries. Due to climate change and the resulting increase in sea levels, their functioning and the taking of additional protective measures are elementary for people and nature reserves in affected areas.

The large number of realised projects allows us to draw on our broad experience, which we then allow to flow into current measures. Our modern technology facilitates gentle interventions, the knowledge of our experienced employees, planning certainty and flexibility in execution. Consequently, you can rely on the most sustainable and gentle implementation for every individual case.

Dyke construction and dyke raising

Dykes are complex structures that are constantly being researched and optimised. The work is adjusted to the regional circumstances and therefore is very difficult. Reinforcing existing dykes and building new ones as pure natural dykes or with revetments has been one of the focal points of our work for more than 100 years.

Sand and sand filling

Sand filling to flatten the coastal profile or to maintain land areas is regularly necessary, especially on sandy coasts along the Baltic and North Sea. Thanks to our extensive equipment we are able to carry out both flushing operations across great distances as well as close up.

Coastal protection dunes

Dunes are the hinterland's natural protection zone against flooding. They have to be maintained as a significant element of flood protection. Apart from the naturally-formed dunes, dunes created artificially using flushing operations are used today as an important measure in coastal protection.


Waves hit the coasts with enormous energy. Extreme forces result, which among other things lead to large erosion. To minimise the forces that impact directly on the land, we build breakwaters and groynes in a variety of designs.