For extraordinary requirements in hydraulic construction

Where others reach their limits, is where we start to bloom. And if we reach our limits, we immediately turn to the complex expertise and giant machine pool of the varied Boskalis Group and overcome the limits.

In this way, we find a solution for every requirement and every situation and develop procedures, that also deliver high-quality and sustainable results in the area of special hydraulic construction work. In the past, together with our parent group, we have already provided a wide range of special construction services, such as:

  • Producing pipe trenches in the seabed for pipelines for the oil and gas industry
  • Cable-laying in the seabed for renewable energy / offshore wind industry
  • Clearing / removing stone fields and boulders from the seabed
  • Targeted stone installations for scour protection of all kinds of hydraulic construction facilities
  • Construction of immerse tunnels through bodies of water
  • Insertion of vertical drainage, soil compaction, etc.

Apart from the pure construction services, we also offer special services including, for example, underwater rock demolition by Boskalis Rock Fall, environmental services by Boskalis Environmental, soil improvement by Cofra and explosive ordnance clearance services by Boskalis Hirdes EOD Services.