Maintenance dredging Elbe 2013 - 2016

Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Elbe, Germany, Europe VIEW PROJECT
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Barth Pier (second construction section)

Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Barth, Germany, EuropeVIEW PROJECT

Groyne construction Cuxhaven Otterndorf

Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Cuxhaven Otterndorf, Germany, EuropeVIEW PROJECT
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Riffgat / Osterems

EOD services offshore
Location: Between Borkum and Memmert VIEW PROJECT
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Oranienburg railway station ordnance sounding work, area 2

EOD services onshore
Location: Oranienburg station VIEW PROJECT
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References and current projects

In more than 100 years, Boskalis HIRDES has become established as a specialist in the area of hydraulic construction companies, environmental technology, locating and salvaging ordnance in coastal areas and at sea.

As a member of the Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. Group, we have a globally leading maritime service provider by our side, which optimally supplements our spectrum of knowledge and technology and shares our demands in terms of quality, sustainability, environmental protection and safety.

Thanks to this effective symbiosis and decades of experience, we are always able to adjust our work and services individually to the requirements of the respective project. For example, in the past we have been able to realise all sorts of complex challenges in every area of our range of services.

Despite large-scale international projects, we have not lost our feeling for what is important - we understand the sensitive balance of nature. Even the special requirements in sensitive areas such as nature reserves and national parks are therefore part of our standard repertoire.

We facilitate every construction project with environmentally friendly technologies, innovative solutions and our motivated employees - worldwide.

Project reports

Reports and pictures of our projects from the individual sectors of our range of services can be found on the corresponding categories sub-sites.