Explosive sounding work at Orianienburg Station, Area 2

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Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Since 1978, we have worked in and outside Germany on the sounding and recovery of conventional and chemical explosives both on land and on seabeds.

We evaluate historical records, such as war diaries, aerial photographs, etc. Based on our calculations, the areas are then systematically sounded out with the aid of computers.

The areas in question are detected using the latest technical devices for this kind of work. In 2006, we partnered with Bo-Ra-tec to develop the borehole-radar reflection method. This enables us to perform soundings under buildings/foundations.

Explosive sounding work at Orianienburg Station, Area 2


Tauber Dedecomp GmbH commissioned us to examine an area of 3.7 ha at the Oranienburg train station to see if we could find any explosives.

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