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Barth Breakwater (second construction section)

The Barth breakwater was one of the largest coastal defence projects in MecklenburgVorpommern and the building costs amounted to €12.2m. The customer for the building work was the coastal protection authorities of the City of Barth. The breakwater was built in two sections. The western breakwater in the first section was built at a length of 657 m (2005 - 2006).

Hydraulic excavator in use

The second section included building the head of the western breakwater, the eastern breakwater and the expansion of the industrial port. The total length of the second breakwater section amounted to 325 m and was completed in 2012.



The breakwater was built by a Barth-based joint venture. Heinrich Hirdes GmbH was responsible for the technical management of the building project.

The members of the joint venture for the second section were:

  • Heinrich Hirdes GmbH
  • Josef Möbius Bau-GmbH
  • Colcrete-von Essen GmbH & Co. KG
  • BB-Barth GmbH

Poor supporting ground (mud, silt, peat) had to be dredged to be able to build the head of the western breakwater. The ground conditions were then improved by the addition of a sand-gravel mixture. This sand-gravel mixture was taken from the maintenance dredging work in the Kinnbackenhagen channel.

The inner port to the south of the western breakwater was expanded to a depth of - 3.20 mHN.