Facts and Figures

Tauber Dedecomp GmbH


Oranienburg station

Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH

Explosive sounding work at Orianienburg Station, Area 2

Tauber Dedecomp GmbH commissioned us to examine an area of 3.7 ha at the Oranienburg train station to see if we could find any explosives.

Sounding work on the tracks at Oranienburg station

The investigations were carried out using the borehole radar and 3-axis total-field gradiometer methods on the railway track and under seven buildings. We completed the borehole measurements and the evaluation in cooperation with our partner Bo-Ra-tec GmbH.



This project obliged us to make 2,782 borehole radar soundings and 4,232 3-axis total-field gradiometer soundings. We detected and opened up 67 anomalies in the area of investigation.

Worker recording the measurements
Worker with borehole radar sensor