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WSA Cuxhaven


Cuxhaven Otterndorf

ARGE Buhnenbau Otterndorf

Groyne Construction, Cuxhaven Otterndorf

The Water and Shipping Authority Cuxhaven (WSA) commissioned us to build 24 groynes in the nearshore marine area of Otterndorf. The contract for this building project was worth €33m. The project was completed by a joint venture.

The following companies were involved in the joint venture for the groyne construction project at Otterndorf:

  • Heinrich Hirdes GmbH
  • Colcrete-von Essen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bunte GmbH & Co. KG
  • Van den Herik GmbH

Heinrich Hirdes GmbH was responsible for the technical management of the building project and Colcrete-von Essen GmbH & Co. took care of the commercial side.

The WSA Cuxhaven planned 3 years for this project. However, the targeted use of technical equipment and the optimisation of the construction process enabled us to reduce the building time to just 2 years.

The ground conditions for building the groynes did not have sufficient filter stability, which made it imperative to improve the general stability of the ground. To create suitable filter stability, approx. 200,000 m² of fascine mattresses were built and covered with armourstones.

Positioning the fascine mattresses

The armourstones were delivered on selfunloading ships from a Norwegian quarry to berth 9 in Cuxhaven, then stored and loaded into barges for the groyne construction work. Approx. 600,000 tons of armourstones were used for the groynes in Otterndorf.

Working at low tide

Working against the tide proved to be a real challenge. The equipment in use and the materials being positioned were also subjected to the pull and waves caused by passing ships.

Video about the positioning of fascine mattresses