Maintenance dredging Elbe 2013 - 2016

In May 2013, the Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Cuxhaven charged us with maintaining the officially specified shipping channels in the Elbe. The length of the channels to be maintained amounts to approx. 110 km and the order is time-limited to May 2016.

TSHD Willem van Oranje, Cuxhaven

The order value for the work to be performed is Euro 75 million. The excavated volume is approx. 28 million m³ of sand and silt. The dredged material is to be dumped at specially designated locations along the River Elbe.



Corresponding to the river sections to be maintained, we use large and medium-sized suction dredgers and other small units from the Boskalis pool.


The first maintenance dredging was carried out by the TSHD Barent Zanen from May to December 2013. During this period, the TSHD Barent Zanen dredged 7.15 million m³ of sediment in order to maintain the target water depths in the Elbe channel. The TSHD Barent Zanen has a storage capacity of 8,116 m³.


On 03 January 2014 the TSHD Willem van Oranje took over the maintenance work on the lower and outer Elbe. The TSHD Willem van Oranje was commissioned by Boskalis in 2010 and has a storage capacity of 12,000 m³.


Guaranteeing the water depths in the Elbe is essential for shipping to reach the port of Hamburg. After Rotterdam and Antwerp, the port of Hamburg is Europe's third-largest sea port and is an important German transhipment point.